I've just heard that CNN International launches on Freeview on 15th January. The international news channel will more than double its current UK distribution by doing so. I was really excited about this. I am sick to the back teeth of cuddly Bill and smiley Sian on the BBC Breakfast sofa. If ever there was a great example of the BBC dumbing down to the point of total tedium this has to be it. Awful. So I'm gagging for some hardcore news with my cornflakes. Sky News is the only other option, but I often struggle to get decent reception with my old freeview box for some reason. It would also be interesting to watch CNN with an eye on American politics too with Obama about to hit the White House.

So I'm disappointed. For now at least CNN will only be available in the evenings from 9pm to midnight. I hope we get it in the mornings too. I for one would certainly watch.

And Al-Jazeera... if you're reading this. Why not steal a march on CNN and get on Freeview all day too?