The Hotel Inspector tonight, Channel 5 9pm

Ok... so no one else will blow it for me... I'm appearing as an expert on C5's The Hotel Inspector tonight (Thurs 24th July) at 9pm. Assuming they haven't cut me to bits I am providing advice and feedback to the owners of the Jessop House Hotel in Tewkesbury.

I RalphAndSarahhad to tell them if in my opinion as a guidebook writer their hotel would merit inclusion in a guide.  Ralph and Sarah who own and run the hotel (pictured) were really nice people and very committed to the business. But they were feeling the pinch financially. They'd cut corners on renovation and whilst some of their rooms were really pretty good, others were in serious need of updating. I told them that I wouldn't be able to include their hotel in a guidebook in its current state. I wonder if they found the money to do the rest of the rooms up?

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