Holidays for ‘nice’ families (the kind that shop at Waitrose)

Looking for a holiday for a 'nice' middle class young family. Which UK tour operators would you choose?

I've been trying to book a holiday - yes, a holiday!  For me, my long suffering wife who has been holding the fort whilst I've been galavanting around Africa researching for travel features, and for our 8 month old baby.

We just want to lie in the sun and do nothing for a week. We don't have a stack of cash to spend, but we could spare a couple of grand I guess (for everything). But we absolutely don't want to be in an all-you-can-eat-buffet place with aqua-gym in the mornings and karoake at night.

Who to go with? I haven't a clue.

Previously as a relatively adventurous traveller without a baby in tow I'd have plonked for a tour co like Exodus or Explore if I'd wanted my hand held a little but a frisson of adventure at good value. If it were me and the wife doing something a bit more relaxed, I'd have probably considered Inntravel who do lots of nice self-guided walking and cycling breaks in Europe and elsewhere. If Joseph were older I'd take the family on an Activities Abroad break - I think they offer great value holidays for adventurous families.

But a package holiday for a young family without the awfulness of packages? A package holiday for the Waitrose shopper rather than the Asda one?

I have no idea.

Who would you travel with and why? And am I right in thinking this is a niche that the market fails to cater at all well for?

Pic by flickr user Hans Pama

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