If you're read my previous post about this, you'll know that I can't publish the complete list - despite the fact that I have it - due to copyright issues.

So why not help create the list? If you're on it, feel free to add details in the comments section and I'll then update the list. I've included a range of names of people included on the list, but not specified which number they come in at. The Top 10 are published on the Press Gazette site so they are reproduced in full here.

And feel free too to suggest names that you think should be on the list - whether you know them to be or not.

Ultimately I think it would be cool to have a list of far more than 50 names on it, with links to each writer's website and some decent descriptive text about their specialities and experience. I'll then re-organise it by specialism or alphabetically.

THE UK'S TOP 50 TRAVEL WRITERS (well that's the aspiration)

1. Simon Calder, senior travel editor – The Independent

2. AA Gill – The Sunday Times

3. Nigel Tisdall –Travel Editor, Marie Claire; Freelance

4. William Gray - freelance

5. Chris Haslam – freelance, Sunday Times

6. Andrew Eames – Author and Travel Writer

7. Ian Belcher - Freelance

8. Nick Redman – Sunday Times Travel Magazine, deputy editor

9. Graham Boynton – Group travel editor Telegraph Media Group

10. Nigel Richardson – Freelance

Minty Clinch - Freelance

Brian Jackman- Freelance (previously Sunday Times)

Mark Eveleigh- Freelance (Wanderlust)

Norman Miller - Freelance

Sally Shalam- Freelance (Columnist for the Guardian)

Beverley Fearis – Freelance (The Guardian and Travelmole)

Mark Hodson – Freelance (Sunday Times) and editor of 101 Holidays and 101 Short Breaks

Kathy Arnold - Freelance

Gary Buchanan - Freelance

Mal Rogers – Now editor of The Irish Post

Chris Moss – Freelance, Time Out London Travel Editor

Jeremy Head – Freelance Travel Writer

Kevin Rushby – Freelance (Columnist for the Guardian)

Barnaby Rogerson - Author and Travel Writer

Charles Starmer-Smith – Daily Telegraph

Kate Simon – Travel Editor, Independent on Sunday

Sophie Campbell – Travel Columnist, Daily Telegraph

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5 thoughts on “Top 50 Travel Writers in the UK

  1. Have been following the ups and downs of you being able to publish the list! Like you are building another one.

    One of the interesting things, as you have covered before, is to what extent bloggers should be considered. Many, like me, who have passion and experiences and a view that is followed by many.

    Maybe a list of top UK travel bloggers based on same system would be interesting!

  2. I was away when I got the email for your previous post and only clicked on it when I returned. I was a bit puzzled by the error message.

    I can let you know that I was #16 on the list, which shows that it's a load of nonsense as I don't write for anyone at the moment, other than doing guidebooks and some website work. I hardly think that makes me more influential than, say, Kathy Arnold, Sally Shalam or Gary Buchanan - respected, prolific and high-profile journalists all, just picking three names at random.

  3. I have to admit, I was immensely sceptical of the original PG list as it was clearly biased towards travel editors rather than writers, and the results were a pretty mixed bag. I have no arguments with the likes of Nigel Tisdall and William Gray in the top 10, but others genuinely make me scratch my head.

    Gary Buchanan would certainly be in my Top 10 of great British travel writers, as would Kathy Arnold (good call, Jeremy, by the way!) but, to be honest, there are writers here I have never read (to date) and I'm sure that's the case with most travel readers.

    Ultimately, unless you are able to read just about everything on the subject, in every publication, this is never likely to be a properly representative selection. Perhaps it ought to be up to a panel of travel editors (the people who actually see the real copy on a regular basis) to judge?

  4. So what am I missing here? What's so top secret about this list? And why is it so hard to find a copy of it? I gather that I am on the thing and I still can't find it anywhere.
    If anyone can forward me THE LIST I would be very grateful.

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