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I'm looking for interviewees for a cool new project we’re doing for one of our clients at iCrossing.

I need to conduct short interviews with couples about romantic moments in London. Maybe you met in London in a really romantic way (the top of a double decker bus, bumped into each other at the British Museum)... or you got engaged in London (on the London Eye or in Kew Gardens) or you have a favourite place for romantic times together (walking along the Thames, that little restaurant tucked away down a side street somewhere).

I'd email you a series of short questions for you to answer. Reckon it would take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Feel free to stick a short summary in the comments below or suggest other places I might find interviewees.

I need to do these interviews this week or early next… Ideally couples need to be either empty nesters or young couples without kids yet…


UPDATE - thanks for all the lovely people who have commented already - to make it easier for me could you include a couple of sentences about your romantic London moment. I'm particularly interested in experiences that link specifically to an activity or place in London itself. (like my examples above)

UPDATE 2 - the project is now live - it's for Visit London. If you'd like to add your Love in London story to the list of really delightful tales and enter the competition to win a 5 star romantic break for two in London here's the link: http://blog.visitlondon.com/2010/01/loveinlondon/ 

Please note that to enter the competition after you have left your story you need to click the enter the competition link within the description.

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26 thoughts on “Romantic Londoners needed – cash paid for short interviews

  1. I recently got engaged (in Cuba) but have since found out my boyfriend had intended to propose at the bar on the top floor of Tate Modern. We had a lovely romantic drink there but I was ill so he didn't go through with it! Would be happy to be interviewed if this is the sort of thing you're after!

  2. I'd be happy to take part too Jeremy - I met my fiance in Notting Hill six weeks after moving to London, and we got engaged on the Southbank late last year, where we had our first date...London brought us together and has definitely been the backdrop for a lot of our romantic moments :)

  3. My fiance and I met in almost 5 years ago London, after a long (6 hour!) night time walk getting to know each other. The lights and sights definately helped with the mood... I still remember it clearly, and have to smile when I walk past the place we first kissed!
    Sounds like a great project, we'd be happy to take part.

  4. Hubby and I would love to take part in your interveiw..We have a very romatic and unbelievable love story .which started in austrailia..We are both in out 50s..He is cricket daft and I took him to London for a romatic break last year..His surprise was a trip to LORDS..This year for valantine we are off to London again..Its a fantastic love story you will love it..

  5. Happy to help out if you still need people - husband and I (childless) took first ever "mini-break" to London for romantic weekend.

  6. I proposed in London and would be happy to tell you about it. It has all the trappings of a rare romantic odyssey.

  7. Hey Jeremy. I met my wife at college in 1989, and we were good friends, but she moved away. We bumped into each other again in 1995, had a brief fling but then didn't see each other again for another 6 years. I was in London in 2001, on the way to split up with my then girlfriend, when I stopped into Easyeverything on Oxford Street on impulse and e-mailed my old friend. We were engaged 3 weeks later, and are still married. I've started running an irregular column on my blog on "magical hours in London" if it's any help:

    The first of those has a link to MarshaWrites, someone you probably know, who's just brought out 24 hours in London - if you don't know her, she'd be a great contact for this. Best of luck with it from a fellow writer.

  8. Hello everyone... thanks for commenting. If you have a romantic London story please feel free to add your suggestion if you haven't already. A short description would be really helpful. I will contact the people we select to participate later today or early tomorrow. Additionally we'd love it if the people we select would be happy to tweet/put a link on their Facebook about the campaign when it goes live... We're keen to get people talking! Thanks and do please keep them coming! Jeremy :-)

  9. My boy is insanely romantic and often takes me on walks around Hampstead Heath, in hidden little streets he finds in town, etc. We also had our first date in Mayfair. Would be more than happy to share all the gorgeous things he thinks up for me all the time.

  10. I met, fell in love with, and now live with my boyfriend in London. I very much associate London with our relationship, as we met the month after I started working in London and our early dates were in and around the bars and restaurants of London. The moment I knew I was falling for him was on the London Eye. I can see it on my walk to and from my office and I still smile when I see it.

  11. I met my (now) husband at a singles ice skating event at Somerset House over seven years ago. Every year since then we have gone ice skating there on our anniversary, or at least popped in for a mulled wine and toasted our lucky stars that we met...

    We are about to become parents (next week or so) but are still childless right now!

  12. We were both broke students at the time (10 years ago this Valentines day) and were going out 1 month, when on a whim we decided to hop on a plane to London for a couple of days. On a bench at Marble Arch, my now husband told me he loved me.

  13. In repsonse to the request for specifics - The Southbank, Millenum Bridge, Trafalgar Square and surprisingly, Grays Inn Road (!)

  14. My husband surprised me for my 40th birthday with a trip to London, staying at the Savoy Hotel! This was my dream trip, which I had thought we couldn't afford, but he pulled it off and picked an amazing hotel. One of the highlights was dinner at Petrus at the Berkeley (now Marcus Wareing). On our 2nd trip, last winter, we were back at Marcus Wareing and it was as wonderful as ever. And I can't wait to see the new Savoy...

  15. I have the most amazing story that starts in a west end office and goes around many places in the city including unforgettable tube rides. Proper romantic script.

  16. My husband proposed to me on the Abbey Road crossing a few years ago. I'm a big Beatles fan and we lived just round the corner in possibly the smallest flat known to NW6. It's quite a sweet story if you're interested.... Gem

  17. My romantic story doesn't conform, but here goes anyway.

    Several years ago I was on my first trip to London, a business trip at that. As we waited for our luggage to come off the carousel at Heathrow I realized it was my birthday. I'd forgotten all about it in the rush to get away.

    After settling into our hotel and having a nap, I headed up to Trafalgar Square to check out the sights and discovered that the Church of St. Martin in the Fields is located there. It was getting late, it was a Sunday and I thought I'd visit the church next day. But after a wander around when I was on my way back I noticed folks entering the church and decided to go in.

    An Evensong service was just beginning. The lights were dim, candles were lit, and sublime choral music was filling the place. I stayed for the service, reveling in the beauty and serendipity of it all. It was like someone had scheduled a private birthday concert just for me. It was a tremendously moving experience that I'll never forget. I still get goosebumps when I think about it nearly 20 years later.

    How romantic is that?

  18. Read John's, my fiance, blog post of our great day :-)
    Not much more needs to be said :-)

    It went like clock-work... "Willst du mich heiraten?"
    14 Feb 2009... Valentines Day...

    I planned to be a special day of surprises so the trick was not to give it away until as late as possible. The day started like any other Saturday - thankfully the German culture doesn't expect anything from V'day. Only once during the day did I have to redirect some thoughts to make sure Kiki didn't buy groceries for dinner. So far, so good.

    Around 17:30, the plan started. We were on Oxford St for some shopping so I guided Kiki to our first stop - the Moet Bar in Selfridges for a glass of champagne. Kiki learns only now that the rest of the evening is all planned out. At 6pm, we head to dinner at the Princess Victoria pub. While it had good reviews, both Kiki & I were very impressed by the restaurant - great food, great wine, even a good dessert wine menu. Kiki was happy with the night and so we got into our taxi to ostensibly head home. We haven't driven much around London so Kiki didn't realize that we drove off in completely the wrong direction! It was only catching site of Big Ben that the first questionning comments arrived. Was able to duck them until we got to our destination - the London Eye. Here, we quickly met up with our hostess and bundled onto a private capsule. While the hostess poured the champagne, Kiki and I enjoyed the view and being along in a capsule normally built for 20 people.

    At the top of the circle came the big moment - when I asked Kiki to marry me (in German no less). Initial reaction - stunned. I had to asked again before she said "Yes!". Yuchu! A great Valentine's Day!

  19. My Girlfriend and I are 17 and have been going out with each other since we were 15. If you're interested in some young romance in London, I will share some details :-)


  20. My husband and I got together in Thailand whilst we were both teaching English in Japan. He's from Winnipeg, Canada and i'm from London. He moved back to London with me in 2003 and 2 years ago we got engaged in Sardinia. In September 2008 we got married at the beautiful Duke's hotel in Mayfair, London (It's where Ian Fleming coined the phrased 'shaken, not stirred' - it does the most amazing Martinis!)

  21. I married my lovely wife Catharine last summer, nearly 7 years after we first met on a blind date at Walthamstow Dogs! She had moved in to flatshare with a friend and it seemed an appropriate way to introduce her to East London. She still has the programme from the evening somewhere at home.

    We now live in the 'Stow and were irregular visitors to the track up until they closed it last year - a big shame.

  22. For several years before I met my now husband, we had worked/spent time in the same places, Cavendish Square, Haymarket, Clifford Street... He was married and I was married so the time was wrong for us to meet. Suddenly we were two new singletons without a soulmate

    In 1994 I placed a lonely hearts ad in the Evening Standard. He replied and I arranged to meet up with him at the Main Gate in Kew Gardens. Unfortunately I thought the main gate is where one arrives from the direction of the tube station. I stood there and suddenly I realised I was in a wrong place. This was pre mobile phones. I decided to wait. I thought he was smart and would realise it was worth his while to come to where I was going to be waiting.

    He turned up about 40 mins later at the Victoria Gate. We got married last summer.

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