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A few thoughts about comments - what's OK... and what's not.

It's called Travelblather for a reason! It's all about people commenting and discussing and sure, sometimes disagreeing too. Please do feel  very free to comment - whether you've commented countless times before or never left a comment up to now. There are no special requirements for commenting. If you want to say something... say it!

However - whilst I seek not to moderate comments and let the debate flow, I do reserve the right to very occasionally remove or edit comments. A few things that will quite probably get your comment removed or edited include:

1 - If your comment is clearly an attempt to simply promote a site or product, it will probably get deleted.

2 - Links within context and added to provide clarification or an example are great, but if your comment is clearly an attempt to just gain a link with no context or reason for it, it will probably get deleted too.

3 - Bad language... let's keep it clean!

4 - Harrassing other commenters or myself. You can disagree but don't be disagreeable.

5 - Anonymous comments. I don't allow them. You have to provide your name and email. Ideally it would be really great if you could provide a link to a profile or website too.

6 - Comments close on posts older than two months. I have this set up because these are the ones that are more likely to get spam comments.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning these guidelines, feel free to email me.

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