Search sucks the soul out of websites – and life

Maybe I'm just having a bad day, but at the moment I'd like to smack a few geeky Google blokes around the head, break their designer glasses, stick their beardy heads down the loo and pull the chain a couple of times.

I'd shout 'Try being a little more HUMAN' at them in the process.

Search engine optimisation - making your website appeal to search engines* - is an ever-growing discipline that makes many people a lot of money. I'm surrounded by people who are slightly obsessed with it. And you can see why. Rank higher and you get more visitors to your website and by default that almost always leads to more bookings, more business.

But someone ought to remember it's people at the end of this process. Websites are for people not machines!

My heart sinks every time I see a super-optimised webpage stuffed with terms these days. Yes, if you ever wondered why that page on a hotel website keeps using the phrase 'golf hotel' or 'spa hotel' or whatever it's SEO. It's so that Google gets the message loud and clear that if someone is looking for a golf hotel, or spa hotel this is the place to come.

Because Google isn't really that great... its search engine algorithm is far from perfect. For Google to
work out what a page is about and rank it nice and high, keyword
repetition (and repetition of variations like say, 'spa hotels';
'hotels with spas' etc) has to be adopted. And that makes for dull, monotonous, android content that feels like it was written by a machine rather than a person... it's lifeless, moronic, soulless.

Search engines are killing the beauty of creative content... it is so SAD.

(*For search engine read: Google. Over 80% of searches are conducted using it)

PIC by Flickr user: cayusa

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