VJAM – taking the debate further

One quick thought about the format of the VJAM session...

The day was very free-format which had both pros and cons. Read Alex Bainbridge's post about the day
if you'd like to know more about how the day worked for him - and the pros and
cons of this. He found it quite frustrating - and I can understand
some of these feelings.

One thing that concerned me during the day was that all this great discussion and interaction was taking place in multiple locations and it wasn't being captured. Looking at the ideas wall at the end of the day though I was impressed at the amount of post-its and drawings up there. Using three 'visualisers' - people sketching interpretations of ideas being discussed was a really interesting idea. And I think it worked well.

But what about the discussions post-event? What about people posting on blogs? I'd have liked to be able to stay connected to such a diverse, smart and interesting bunch of people. I exchanged a few business cards, but there were plenty of other people I didn't get chance to talk to.

I personally would have set up a forum of some sort - or at least a simple site where RSS feeds are used to aggregate posts from blogs post-session. No need for it to have a long lifespan - but to me it would have made so much sense - creating an on-line space like this - particularly given that the day was all about social spaces on-line anyway!

I'm going to let NESTA and Virgin know I've posted here... so maybe they will respond.

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