Siren Pr… know anything about hyperlinks then?

I am going to post a stack of stuff about WTM soon... I promise. But I HAD to just stick this up.

Regular readers (all two of you) will know I have little time for PR agencies. I resent the way they pump meaningless waffle at me dressed up as news just to keep their clients coughing up the cash. Ironically one I received today from Siren PR for their client Canvas Holidays was actually genuinely interesting. (Shock horror.) The France specialist now offers quirky Gypsy Caravans (in French Roulottes de Campagne)to stay in on several of the camp sites it features. The full release isn't available on the Canvas Holidays site, but as soon as it is I will add a link here... that's assuming it still carries this howler of an error...

The call to action at the bottom of the release is as follows:

"For more
information on Canvas Holidays see,
or call 0870 192 1159.

Yes try the link... it goes to Royal Caribbean Cruises... Oops.

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