BA’s new Highlife website

Now this is seriously interesting… BA has done a deal with its inflight mag publisher Cedar to publish content online too… So stuff from its inflight mag High Life is reproduced here.
God it looks good.

For me this is the first travel provider to finally get its arse
in gear and take providing rich content seriously… Wonder how the writers feel seeing their stuff
reproduced on-line… wonder if BA/Cedar are paying them extra for web

Not a cheap investment to do all this of course... I'm guessing ultimately BA wants this site to make money - probably from ads. For now most of the ads on the site look like they are for BA partners like Avis and Amex. Maybe the deal is about selling ad space in the print mag at a higher rate if advertisers want to be on the website too?

As a reader, for me what's missing is a 'book this trip' box. The thing that could mean this site doesn't really take off (pardon the pun) is that it's BA... so there's clear bias here. Will you use this site to research your next holiday if the content is so clearly BAs rather than an objective third party's like say a national newspaper or travel magazine? I'm still waiting for that ultimate on-line travel site... one that's run by an unbiassed third party, offering web-only travel content that really inspires, is totally personalised and easy to use, allowing you to book a break if you read about one you really like.

Who do you think will be first to market with that? Well read this... and you'll see what I'm thinking... No prizes for guessing, it's pretty obvious, they own half the web already...

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