Looking for a cheap holiday? Don’t try Turkey anymore

Like many holidaymaking Brits, we chose to avoid the Eurozone and head for Turkey for our summer holiday a month of so back. I visited Istanubul about five years ago and went crazy buying clothes. Everything was so CHEAP! PriceymacsShoes for £10, T-shirts for a £1. I felt like a millionaire.

Wind the clock forward (and one currency revaluation too) and wow how things have changed. Eating and drinking in bars and restaurants in Istanbul was as pricey as London. In fact some places were more expensive. So a meal for two with a bottle of wine at a cheap restaurant - surrounded by locals cost around £20 a head.

If you've heard of the Big Mac index this will shock you most... (it's a way that some people use to compare the relative cost of living in different places around the world. The pricier a Big Mac the higher the cost of living.)

Dalaman airport - a Big Mac meal was 22 Turkish Lira - about £10. And a Big Mac was 9 Lira - that's about £4. Now anyone who travels a bit will know that - contrary to what airport owners and the retailers they charge outrageous rents to will tell you - shopping at airports is far from cheap. In fact it's usually overly expensive... but even at Heathrow you wouldn't pay £4 for a Big Mac! 

I had a great holiday in Turkey, but this was pretty much my last memory, just before I got on the plane home... somebody is screwing holiday makers sideways at that airport... and that's a shame.

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