Inflight catering for vegetarians… where’s the beverage?

I recently caught a whole slew of flights to and from Mexico with my girlfriend who is a vegetarian. As a confirmed meat eater I don't really get the whole non-meat thing, but hey we all have our choices to make. It's impressive too that airlines now cater to vegtarians, vegans even people with gluten free diets. What's really weird though is how cabin crew have yet to enter this new age of customer choice. It goes like this: there's a list with the seat numbers of people who have veg meals. Cabin crew dish out these meals first to make sure they get the right meals to the right people. All good so far. Then they go off and distribute food and drink to the other 200 or so people on the plane who eat the normal meals. Without bothering to offer those with veg meals anything to drink. They get a drink with the rest of the cabin when the drinks service comes round - often a different trolley from the food moving just ahead of it. Depending on where you happen to sit you might get your veg meal and then wait literally 15 or 20 minutes before the drinks trolley finally reaches you. So what do you do? Eat it whilst it's hot, but without a drink? (Not a great option with airline food, which although very edible compared with a decade or so back is still pretty stodgy.) Or wait for your glass of wine and eat it cold? Such a simple thing for cabin crew to also offer a drink with the veg meals, but they've never done it on all the flights I've been on with my vegetarian girlfriend.... weird. And on a 10 hour flight? It's not as if there isn't time...

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