YES! Our videos can make your hotel look… crap!

I just came across a new video-based website called It made me shudder. The idea is that anyone who fancies being an 'independent video author' can dig out their handycam, film a sequence about a hotel and post it. If someone books the hotel as a result of watching the video the 'independent video author' gets a cut of the commission. God, can it get any worse?

Like seriously, is anyone going to book the Ritz Carlton in Miami as a result of Bob's wonky handheld home video and his husky built-in mic voiceover ('The beds are really nice. The bathroom is really.... err nice. The view is really umm... nice)? If anything they'll do the opposite. All the hotel chain's hard efforts to create a brand and product that suggests luxury, attention to detail and quality are completely pole-axed by some random bloke with his holiday movie. It's hosted on YouTube so the compression quality is awful too. It ought to be funny... But there's a very serious point here for anyone who is running a tour company or hotel... 

...if you don't get on and produce some decent video of your product soon, someone else will... and it will look crap.

As someone who has been trying with very limited success to get tour
operators and hotels to take the idea of using video to promote their product seriously it makes me laugh. Whilst other industries are swiftly embracing video, the travel industry stands and watches. Wind the clock back 10 years and it was the same with websites 'Sure they look cool, but we don't need one. We have a  brochure and a network of travel agents' came the reply... Ask anyone these days in the industry if they have a website and they'd think you were mad to even ask the question... So guys, next time someone suggests using video on your website to promote your product... remember Bob, his wonky handycam and

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