Email overload… weekly… then daily… hourly updates are just around the corner

I really like ABTN. It started life as a quirky weekly text based email newsletter about the airline industry by Malcolm Ginsberg who really knows his stuff about the industry. He offered a once-weekly dollop of bits and pieces from which I found many a news story. It did the job very nicely - news and views and nothing else. Then it got bought by Centaur Media and suddenly we got HTML emails with pics and other guff. Just this week I got my 'Mid-Week Update'. I didn't request it. I was quite happy with things the way they were. I actually READ the damn thing once a week... and my in-box like everyone else's is always stuffed with PR guff... Shame eh? The very value of the concept - small and perfectly formed - looks like being skuttled by a big publisher who just wants to 'maximise the value for its shareholders'... Doubtless daily updates will follow... where will it end? Hourly?

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